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Timespace Splitter Series Presents: DIVINE ORDER

Book of Peace & Happiness, Guide to Everlasting Life

Volume 0: BS Splitter & The Principles of Peace

Exactly What is Divine Order? In Simplest Form, Divine Order is Instinct. With Natural God Connection suppressed, Human Free Will Yields Chaos. Know. This is Fact. However, you Fail to Accept Fact. Don’t you? Did you Know? Fact Acceptance Determine Human Intelligence Level. Holder of Low Intelligence or Decreased Brain Potential, your Greatest Challenge is Fact Acceptance. The U.S. Constitution is America’s Governing Ideology. If you Think The President runs This Country, you are mistaken. Riddled With Numerical Flaw, The U. S. Constitution Demonstrates limited Number Comprehension. Under Divine Order, I AM God’s General and Only Legal Representative. I, La Resa Edwards, Declare. The U.S. Constitution is hereby Considered Unfit for Flock Leadership. “Wait, one minute, Young lady. This is The Mighty USA. No Entity is Above The U. S. Constitution. Matter Fact. You will Be Charged With Treason!” Alas, I will never Be Charged With Treason. For, I AM Immortal Dominion Holder. I AM The Messiah. I’ve Come from >400 Earthyear In your Possible future. In Other Word, I AM yesterday’s Only Real or First Dimensional Timespace Traveler. I AM here to Publicly Announce. Divine Order is Without Numerical Flaw.

I have already Proven that which takes The Average Hopelessly Lost American Citizen >400 Earthyear to Comprehend. The brief Life you Think you Know will Meet The End, eventually. For, eventually always Comes. My Friend, Comprehend. Chaos is Adverse. The BS you Know as Existence is over. Yesterday, there is Democracy. Tomorrow, there is Only Divine Order.


“This book is truly life altering.” – L. Boston, Ph.D., Atlanta, Ga

The Book Cost Only $999.99