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Timespace Splitter Series Presents: DIVINE ORDER

Book of Peace & Happiness, Guide to Everlasting Life

Volume 0: BS Splitter & The Principles of Peace

Exactly What is Divine Order? Divine Order is Instinct. Instinct is Divine Programming Number Based on Forward Motion, +Solution (Divinity) to –Circumstance (Adversity). The Calculative Ability to Provide Continuous +Solution () is Needed to rid Precious time of Continuous –Circumstance (-∞). Many Stupid Puny Human Foolishly Believe. Yesterday’s Hopelessly Lost Leader Provide Yesterday’s Lost World With Continuous +Solution. [But] Number Reveal. Yesterday’s Average Stupid Puny Human Hold no Human Instinct (Open God Connection). Therefore, Stupid Puny Human Face Satan Without God’s Perfect Guidance. Stupid Puny Human Believe. Satanic Programming is everything Considered Bad or Evil. On the contrary, Satanic Programming is anything Out of Divine Order. This Mean. Democracy is Satanic. Christianity is Satanic. Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, etc., are all Improperly Produced Satanic End Result. “But, Traditional Religion is Considered Good, I AM. How can Traditional Religion Be Satanic?” Good Question. My Friend, Good isn’t Good enough. If it ain’t Divine, it ain’t Right.

Of all commodity, time is Most Precious. This Mean. Wasting Precious time is Most Adverse.

Every Puny Human Host Hold Calculative Ability. [But] can you Calculate? Continuous –Circumstance Force Burden Compound. Burden Compound Force Backward Progression. Backward Progression Produces Unusable time. Unusable time cannot Properly Contribute to Forward Motion. Without Forward Motion, time is Considered Static. This Mean. Satanic Program Properly Hold Yesterday’s World painfully stuck In static presence, which is Exactly Where scum suckin, time stealing Satan Desires yesterday to Remain.

For God’s Future Record, no Puny Human stop Aging (Control time) Outside Divine Order.


“This book is truly life altering.” – L. Boston, Ph.D., Atlanta, Ga

The Book Cost Only $999.99